2023. MÁRCIUS 13. 19:00 White Rabbit Red Rabbit – celebrating live theatre

With no rehearsal, no director, a different actor each night, and a script waiting in a sealed envelope on stage, internationally acclaimed “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit” by Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour, is an audacious theatrical experiment and a potent reminder of the transgressive and transformative power of theatre. Nassim Soleimanpour was denied a passport in his native Iran because of his status as a conscientious objector. Unable to travel, he decided to write a play which could travel the world in his place. This makes for a unique, thrilling experience for all, as the audience joins a different performer each night on a journey into the unknown; stumbling upon the “personal and profound, riffing on the limits of liberty and exploring where theatre can take you, with or without a passport.” The play has already been translated in more than 30 languages and has been performed over a 3000 times by as many different performers.
In association with Aurora Nova.
Performed by: Sándor Marton
Stage management: Péter Szurdoki

Studio 111, IEAS (Institute of English and American Studies)

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