2023. ÁPRILIS 15., SZOMBAT, 19:00 II. MUST – Electra performed by Vienna’s English Theatre

II. MUST- Ifjúsági és Egyetemi Összművészeti Találkozó
Electra performed by Vienna’s English Theatre
Helyszín: Csokonai Fórum, Kóti Árpád terem
Venue: Kóti Árpád Studio Theatre, Csokonai Fórum, Debrecen
No admission feeSophocles: Electra
by 1st Year Acting Ensemble from Vienna’s English Theatre
Adapted and directed by Richard Knight with Music by Ariana Pullano and Choreography by Sonja Hanl.DON'T MISS THIS ELECTRIFYING PERFORMANCE OF ELECTRA by Sophocles, brought to life by students of the Vienna’s English Theatre Academy. THIS PHYSICAL THEATRE EXTRAVAGANZA DELVES INTO THE TRADITIONAL ELEMENTS OT THE ORIGINAL GREEK TRAGEDY; ENCOMPASSING MASK WORK, GREEK CHORUS, SONG, DANCE AND CASSICAL TEXT TO TELL THE STORY OF ELECTRA. Wronged by her mother and step-father for the murder of her beloved father, Agamemnon, Electra takes fate into her own hands in her fight for justice. This captivating production stays true to the musicality of Greek Theatre; presenting a unique blend of classical art form and contemporary creativity.OUR SCHOOL: Vienna’s English Theatre (VETA) is the only full-time English-language acting school in Austria. We are linked to Vienna's English Theatre, the oldest and most established English-language theatre in continental Europe. Vienna’s English Theatre (VETA) provides a unique 2-year acting programme offering a combination of methodologies designed to provide our students with a toolbox of techniques, merging the individual artistic process with the ability to collaborate within an ensemble. The programme combines the foundations of classical actor training with a contemporary approach. We encourage our students to be curious, self-reliant, reflective performers—confident actors who can think on their feet. We strive to produce actors with the resilience and imagination required to survive in today’s tough job market, marrying their own natural creative instincts with solid technique.
THE SHOW: Each academic year our first year students work on a show in the style of Greek Theatre. The idea is to return to the Ancient roots of storytelling combining Greek chorus, epic acting style, mask work, limited costumes and props, and song and dance. The show is adapted and directed by Richard Knight with music by Ariana Pullano and choreography by Sonja Hanl. Our stage manager is Vienna’s English Theatre (VETA) graduate Eilis O'Sullivan. This year we have chosen Sophocles' Electra as our text.Set in the city of Argos a few years after the Trojan War, the play tells the story of Electra and her brother Orestes as they seek justice for the murder of their father Agamemnon by their mother Clytemnestra and their stepfather Aegisthus. Electra takes fate into her own hands after years of injustice and mourning; but do the Gods reward or punish mortal intervention?
THE CAST: Electra is made up of our Vienna’s English Theatre (VETA) class of 2024; a15 member 1st Year acting ensemble. They are a very international group with representatives from Romania, Ukraine, Austria, Spain, Italy, Uk and Hungary.

A program az Interreg V-A Románia-Magyarország Együttműködési Program keretein belül megvalósuló, ROHU446 – EduCultCentre, a „Román-magyar határon átnyúló képzési központ és értéktár a kulturális és történelmi örökség számára” elnevezésű projekt keretén belül valósul meg a Csokonai Színház szervezésében.
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