A Midsummer Night’s Rapture

The Színláz Company presented Shakespeare’s world-famous piece under the title A Midsummer Night’s Rapture on April 19, 2012. This is a semi-professional troupe whose headquarters are the Színláz room in the basement of the University of Debrecen and whose members are mostly university students.

színláz a botanikus kertben - mini

Shakespeare in the Botanical Garden

“I know a bank where the wild thyme grows, where oxlips and the nodding violet grows…” It is there that the Színláz Company, going back to the traditions of Greek theater on a special Friday evening between the summer solstice and midsummer, on June 22nd, presents its offerings of dream and rapture to Apollo and Dionysus.



Dependence (original title: Függés) by Zita Iszó is a contemporary drama as well. In spring 2010 the author sent the troupe her new play, saying that since she had already heard of Színláz, she would be delighted for the troupe to bring her new piece to the stage.


The Death Of Mara


Pier Paolo Pasolini – Calderón

On the night of November 1st-2nd, 1975, an Alfa Romeo Giulia GT rolls into a parking lot on the seaside in Ostia. One of the passengers is Pino Pelosi di Guidonia – a street urchin and a prostitute – and the other is Pier Paolo Pasolini

Mit szeretnél

LEGO – What Would You Like?

The Színláz Company presents their friendly gestures under the title “What Would You Like?”

Matchbox - Soap - I Disappeared

Six of us are in the waiting room, waiting for the doctor, who examines the faded pictures of our childhood. It seems like child’s play. At the long dawn of growing up, the only real place exists in our memories. Who’s on the other end of the phone? Metamorphosis is our future, transience our past.

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