About us

The University of Debrecen Theater is an umbrella organization and workshop that maintains liaisons with several musical and literary groups. Currently we support and facilitate the operation of four theater troupes (the Színláz Company, the Ad Hoc Company, Vígkarma and Confuse-A-Cat Ltd.).


- to practice of theater as a communal cultural activity

- to use theater/drama as a means of education

- to continue the unbiased, professional conversation about theater, arts and culture


The University of Debrecen Theater offers an ongoing theatrical and cultural program for students of the university and anyone else who is interested. Our activities include theatrical performances (both local and guest productions), theater workshops, drama in education (DIE) and theater in education (TIE) sessions, evenings of literature and of music, film screenings, and any other cultural activities that convey intellectual value. We promote the operation of artistic and art theory groups by providing a venue, doing marketing work, creating a press background, archiving productions and supporting the organization of professional dialogues connected with the productions. We are in cooperation with the Imre Bán College for Advanced Cultural Studies of the University of Debrecen, which also addresses theater issues in its talent management program.