2022. JÚNIUS 23. 19:00 Harold Pinter: Old Times

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A married couple and an old friend of the woman, Anna, whose existence was a mystery to the man. We witness the beginning of a love triangle, and at the same time start a strange but exciting trip deep down the personalities of Kate, Anna and Deeley. Evoking the past leads the three people to discover that what they thought about the truth is only what they had convinced themselves to believe in, twenty years ago. Going deeper down we lose even the silhouettes of who’s who, but as Pinter put it: "A thing is not necessarily either true or false; it can be both true and false." The final question is: who’s going to be odd man out?
Deeley – Dávid Nagy
Kate – Tatai Dóra Klára
Anna – Blanka Businszki
Directed by Zsigmond Lakó
Running time: 70min


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